Friday, August 15, 2008

Affections Proper

"How (men) can sit and hear of the infinite height, and depth, and length, and breadth of the love of God in Christ Jesus, of His giving His infinitely dear son, to be offered up a sacrifice for the sins of men, and of the unparalleled love of the innocent, and holy, and tender Lamb of God, manifested in His dying agonies, His bloody sweat, His loud and bitter cries, and bleeding heart and all this for enemies, to redeem them from deserved, eternal burnings, and to bring to unspeakable and everlasting joy and glory; yet be cold, and heavy, insensible, and regardless! Where are the exercises of our affections proper, if not here?"

The renowned Jonathon Edwards

Like Paul the beloved apostle, I wonder if anyone taught him what a period is!! :-)


byron said...

Hi Zaphon,

I thought it very interesting that our pastor this morning iterated several times that "You have a choice." I'm not sure what that meant from Calvin's perspective. But it was a very evangelical message with a clear call for people to choose God's gift or reject it.


Beyond Zaphon said...

Hey Byron,

Thanks for your friendly observation and comment. I left church early so I think I missed the part of the message you are referring to. I have heard the pastor's many biblical and God-centered presentations of the Gospel.
I won't presume to speak for the pastor, however I don't think any self-respecting Calvinist would deny humans have a will and the command (note, not invitation or suggestion)to repent and believe needs to be preached to the world.
The Calvinists simply hold to the belief that the human will is in bondage to sin and therefore, outside a supernatural act of God, they are incapable of choosing God. We are either slaves of sin or slaves of God.
When the gospel is preached, "the power of God" gives new live to God's people, so what was impossible now becomes possible. The pastor's clear call to choose God, will only get a response from those who are already born again. (1 Jn 5:1)
To borrow Pink's language freewill is being able to choose what we ought to, not choose to sin. Otherwise God would not have freewill, for He cannot sin.

Hope my response offers some clearity.