Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Well-Attested Truth

"The Godly are the chosen of God, and are, by distinguishing grace, set apart and separated from among men. Election is a doctrine which unrenewed men cannot endure, but nevertheless, it is a glorious and well-attested truth, and one which should comfort the tempted believer. Election is the guarantee of complete salvation, and an argument for success at the throne of grace. He who chose us for Himself will surely hear our prayers."

Charles Spurgeon via Foundations of Grace (Steve Lawson)

What pretend comfort those who believe they are partly and synergisticly responsible for their own salvation by their virtuous choice to believe have. They must conclude that God may need their assistance in answering prayer as well. That is a lamentable and grace-insulting frame of mind.


Jason Alligood said...

Dude, I love that you know who Lawson is. He is one of my favorite preachers!

Beyond Zaphon said...

I was introduced to Lawson a few months ago. I have been going through his book Foundations of Grace. It looks like a text book I have so many notes and underlines written in it! You probably have already read this book, but if not it is a 600 page discussion of the how the doctrines of grace are clearly spoken of throughout the entire Bible. It is easy to read and truly summarizes in a survey form the doctrines of grace