Sunday, September 7, 2008

Misbelieving, Unbaptized, Slave of Darkness

At one time I was a misbelieveing, unbaptized, slave of darkness. I did not know God, want to know God or seek God. If asked I may have said the opposite, but the truth is simply I had formed an image in my mind of what I thought God should be like and I pursued that image.

I would venture to say that many people filling the pews in much of the church in America are as I was. Seeking a fictitious God they created, based on what their sinful flesh, the world, and the enemy convinced them God should be like.

This false notion of God has given fodder to the creation of "seeker-sensitive" churches. Books and programs have been crafted telling ministers how to make church more appealing to seekers, which will increase their "decisions" for Christ.

The Bible teaches there is only one seeker and His name is God. Pastor Jerry Marshall spoke today in church about these matters and discussed how Christians are actually "the sought". Perhaps I will write a book about how to have a "Sought-Sensitive" church. A church that ministers to the sheep and not the has already been is called The Bible.

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Travis Foley said...

Amen! Great post Dave, you couldn't be more correct. There is already a Book that flies in the face of the "seeker-friendly" movement infesting the bodies of Believers today and it is the inerrant Word of the living God! Salvation is of the LORD, always has been and always will be, from start to finish, for it is the Father who decreed it, the Son who accomplished it and the Holy Spirit who applies it... all of God alone, according to His own will, without so much as a drop of influence from wicked man.

To God alone be the glory!