Monday, September 8, 2008

Transient Thrills

"Faith persuades us not to give up God's sure mercies for Satan's transient thrills....

Now is it not better to swim by faith through an ocean of trouble and get safely to heaven than to sit in the lap of sinful pleasures until we drown in hell's gulf?

Sin's enjoyment cannot last long because it is not natural. Whatever is not natural soon decays. The nature of sugar, for example, is to be sweet and therefore it holds its sweetness; but artificially sweetened wine loses it good taste in just a few days. The pleasure of sin is foreign to its nature and will corrupt the life it touches.

None of the sweetness which now satisfies sinners will be tasted in hell; only bitterness will spice the sinner's cup there.

Another reason sin's exhilaration must be short-lived is that life itself does not last long, and they both end together."

From William Gurnall's Puritan Classic: The Christian in Complete Armour.

I pray that last sentence will permeate deep into our hearts and minds.

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