Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Proof Texts Aside

"Where the Arminian says 'I owe my election to my faith,' the Calvinist says:'I owe my faith to my election.' Clearly these two concepts of election are very far apart.

Christ's work of redemption was defined by the Arminians as the removing of an obstacle which stood in the way of God's offering pardon to sinners, as He desired to do on condition they believe....

Calvinist, however, define redemption as Christ's actual substitutionary endurance of the penalty of sin in the place of specified sinners, through which God was reconciled to them, their liability to punishment was for ever destroyed, and a title to eternal life secured for them."

J.I. Packer

Proof texts aside.... How do you define redemption? What took place on the cross? Does your theology limit the effectiveness of what took place at Calvary meaning the Lord actually accomplished nothing without the participation of man? Or does it simply limit the extent meaning Christ finished what He set out to do and actually saved a specified people?

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