Sunday, August 24, 2008

Can I be Justified Today?

I don't know....

Has God so worked in your heart that the sin you once loved you now hate? (the publican)

Do you realize you are dead because of your a tomb with no way of resurrecting yourself? (Lazarus)

Do you realize you are blind because of sin and unable to see the path to God? (the Blind man)

Do you realize you are paralyzed, without strength and unable to move toward God? (the paraplegic)

Do you realize you are so diseased with sin you are as repulsive and incurable as a leper? (the lepers)

Do you realize even your good works are as filthy rags? (women of Canaan)

Do you want to rid yourself of your hatred and indifference toward a Holy God?

If you say yes to the above then you lack one thing....
BELIEVE the gospel of Jesus Christ....that He was crucified, buried, and rose again in order to pay the ransom for an unworthy people.

Find a Bible based church and discover what it means to be saved from the pleasure, penalty, power, and presence of sin.


Jason Alligood said...


That's not very seeker sensitive. ;)

Right on bro. These are the kinds of gospel conversations we need to be having with folks!


Julie Hammond said...
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Beyond Zaphon said...

I like what Pastor Jerry said last Sunday. Something along the lines of we try to have a seeker service every Sunday. For there is only one Seeker and His name is God. Your's and Jerry's preaching bring this reality to the sheep.