Saturday, May 8, 2010


I saw a camera today at several stores and stop light....why?

I have to sign a contract when I refinance my mortgage next month.....why?

I read the news this morning and people are being murdered all over the city, state, country and world....why?

I notice that laws are not adequate, but we need police to enforce them...why?

I pay extra every time I shop due to theft.....why?

I have to type at least three different passwords at work everyday: I have to type passwords to view my bank account, to manage this blog....why?

We need to get filters for the internet to keep out inappropriate sights.....why?

I have locks on all my doors at home.... why?

I had to lock my car doors when I went on a walk for cystic fybrosis today.....why (5 cars were broken into at the fundraiser today)

I look out the window every few minutes at my daughter playing in the back yard.....why?

We need protection from one another. We don't trust one another. The world is a giant Jerry Springer Show....why?


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