Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have been pondering how God's grace is irresistible. How does God bring people to heaven without making them puppets? The way I describe this to myself is by using an illustration. While a sinner is still dead in their sins, God regenerates them. He does this by giving them a new heart. With their new heart they now can see the desperate situation they are in, being hostile rebels against a thrice holy God.

The new creation is irresistibly drawn to Christ like a drowning man under the darkness of water swims toward the light. They are dying and they know it. They must head toward the light of life. The new believer, of their own new self-will chooses to head toward the light of their salvation. The beauty of Christ's life-giving sacrifice compels them.

Just some rather random thoughts and I felt I need to do some blog updating.

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