Sunday, June 21, 2009

Flat Christianity

Most of today's American Christianity can be compared to a bottle of non-alcoholic ale, that has been left open for two days.

1) It is lukewarm having lost their first love.

2) It's teaching is stale, unflavorful words of men. Dull in their effect on sin.

3) It has lost it's fizz and no longer bubbles with the living water of Christ and His word. It lacks biblical passion.

4) It offers no Godly pleasure of gladened heart, resting joyously in the finished work of Christ.


Jason Alligood said...

Wow! A lot of people would be offended by the parallel, but I get it!

Hope you guys are well.

See you Sunday,

Travis Foley said...

Sad, but so true Brother... most preachers today are feeding the goats in the congregation when they oughta be feeding the sheep! May the Holy Spirit bring a revival to this land!