Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Let me begin by saying God is a Holy God. Among other things, that means He is altogether different, altogether perfect, and altogether righteous. God, in His wisdom has given humans a moral law to obey. You are conscience of this law, which is why you get upset at things like injustice. (for if there is not an absolute right and wrong who cares how somebody treats someone else.) God has commanded absolute perfect obedience to His law.

You have disobeyed a holy God. You have broken almost every single moral commandment He has uttered. Read Matthew 5-7 if you disbelieve me. God is more than simply displeased with sinners. He has a holy, intentional, and steady anger that everything He has commanded has been violated. The consequence for your unholy behavior is eternal condemnation.

This is a just sentence. I look at it this way....the severity of the punishment is in proportion to the authority of the one giving the law. Think of the consequence of disobeying an order from a child verses a Federal Marshall. You have transgressed the law of one whose authority is infinite, earning yourself infinite/eternal consequences. Let me reiterate that this way...A Hopeless Eternity.

God is not only just, He is loving. He chose to come down to this earth, veiled in flesh (Jesus) and suffer the consequence of sin (on the cross)for an unworthy people. Jesus, being the infinite God, was able to pay the price for anyone and everyone He wanted to. He commands everyone and everywhere to repent, which means turn away from sin, and believe that Jesus died for sinners, was buried and rose again for their justification.

To learn more about repentance and belief, pick up a Bible and read it. Find a good church and attend. Learn how Jesus came to this earth and intended to save people from theirs sins. Learn how He actually accomplished this purpose when came to earth. He did not come to make salvation possible, but rather came to make it certain, for those He foreknew.

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Keep the good word coming. I love the directness of your messages. This one in particular is short, to the point, and tells us all we need to know.