Tuesday, May 26, 2009


"As the fatal sin which diffused the curse over the human race was connected with the forbidden ‘tree,’ God wisely ordered that the last Adam should expiate sin by being suspended on a tree: and He appointed in the law (Deut. 21:22, 23) such a symbol of the curse as reminded all men of the origin of the Divine curse on the world. He would not have the curse removed in any other way" .

G. Smeaton : Via The Satisfaction of Christ (studies on the atonement) AW Pink

Additionally, I find it interesting that our Lord wore a crown of thorns as He satisfied God's wrath on the cross....since part of God's curse after the fall was the land would bring forth thorns and thistles. ( Gen 3:18) Just an observation I have heard.


Alan Richardson said...

Excellent observations.

Webfoot said...

Very good.

I have been thinking about the curse a lot.

Thank you,
Mrs. Webfoot

Beyond Zaphon said...

Hey Mrs. Webfoot,
I am truly glad as well as honored to see you visiting this site again. What aspect of "the curse" having you been musing about? (If you don't mind me asking)

I know that I have personally been reminded of the consequence of our sin in the first Adam of late, as I view the ravages of disease and death affect my friends and family.

Additionally, recently a friend of mine told me he was not happy at work.....I explained to him that it is God's will he be unhappy at work, as that is part of the curse....;-) He didn't think it was funny.