Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Trouble with God

Psalm 77:3 “I remembered God and was troubled;”

This morning at church Associate Pastor Jason Alligood exhorted the people that they pay attention to some of the verses of the sweet hymn “It is Well with My Soul”. As I meditated on these words I delved into the mystery of the atonement. I thought of the triune God and was filled with “joy unspeakable” at the oblation of Jesus Christ and His sin-bearing, curse-becoming, world-reconciling, ransom-paying, justice-satisfying, mercy seat-sitting, death on the cross.

I think perhaps I was overwhelmed with adoration partly because earlier in the week I spent much time “remembering God and (being) troubled.” I remembered God when I was making a truce, as it were, with sin. When I laid down my spiritual weapons and let “carnal” attitudes start to creep into my mind.

May I remember God and be “troubled” more and more when I allow myself to be unrighteously angry, when I “laugh at Satan’s jokes”, when I choose complaining over gratitude, when I entertain the lust eyes and flesh. I think there is not enough groaning and being troubled at the thought of our omniscient and thrice holy God.

The trouble of God can be intense and borderline terrifying, even for the elect. My sin is serious and had a infinite price that had to be paid. It was paid.....It was paid. I think I will just end my post with that.

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Alan Richardson said...

Powerful. Convicting. Too often I remember God just after I sin. I admit there are also times when I have figuratively covered my ears and sung the national anthem in order to suppress the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Wretched man that I am.