Monday, December 8, 2008

Pride-withering clip

"All the disputes between us and the Arminians may be reduced to these two questions:

1. Is God dependent on man, or is man dependent on God?

2. Is man a debtor to God or God a debtor to man?"

- Augustus Toplady (1740-1778)

What do many American Christians think God owes them for...?

1) Good deeds..."I am not that bad"
2) Participation in church, in partaking of sacraments like baptism.
3) In having learned good doctrine. "I am a good supra-lapsinarian, well indoctrinated with proper Calvinistic soteriology, comprehending justification, sanctification, adoption, glorification, premillenial eschatology..ect"
4) In faith in their faith...."I made the virtuous decision to except Christ of my own "free-will", unlike those fools who haven't made that choice."
5) In a superstitious prayer they said years ago at the end of a "Roman Road".

Sinners are bent on finding a way to boast in their salvation. May we continually recognize that "salvation is of the Lord". It is Christ who saves, It is Christ's work on the cross that made salvation certain for many scattered throughout the entire world.

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