Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Wrath of God

"(A) doctrine cannot be true nor agreeable to the gospel which strikes at the root of gospel faith, and plucks away the foundation of all that strong consolation which God is so abundantly willing we should receive; but such is that of denying the satisfaction made by Christ, His answering the justice and undergoing the wrath of His Father.

...We do affirm that our Saviour underwent the wrath of God.

1st, The punishment due sin is the wrath of God...But Jesus underwent punishment due sin: 2 Cor 5:21 "Made sin for us" Isa 53:6 "Iniquity was laid on Him" 1 Pet 2:24 "He bore our sins in His own body on the tree"

2nd, The curse of the law is the wrath off God...But Jesus underwent the curse of the law Duet 24:20: Gal 3:13 "made a curse for us"

3rd, The death that sinners undergo is the wrath of God. (The wages of sin is death): Jesus did taste of that death which sinners themselves undergo; (1 Cor 15)."

John Owen

May the truth that the Prince of Glory underwent God's wrath on behalf of His chosen people humble Christians and cause us to weep...rejoice....and worship.

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Alan Richardson said...

Good stuff, Dave.

The truth of this has been slowly sinking in with me over the last couple of years. Actually, more like a ride up the STL Arch in those little egg-shaped pods: you ride up smoothly for a little bit, then there's a sudden jerk as the pod adjusts to the angle of the arch. I've had a bunch of those sudden adjustments as I realize some startling new aspect of what Christ did in bearing my sin and absorbing God's wrath for me. Frankly I'd be surprised if that stopped any time soon.

On a minor note, I wonder why Owen says Christ "tasted of" the death that sinners "undergo." Semantics or significance?