Saturday, July 5, 2008

God's Love-Gift

The plan of God from eternity past was to redeem a segment of fallen humanity through the work of the Son and for the glory of the Son. (2Tim 4:18) There was a moment in eternity past (if we might so feebly speak of eternity in temporal terms) when the Father desired to express His perfect and incomprehensible love for the Son.
To do this, He chose to give to the Son a redeemed humanity as a love gift - a company of men and women whose purpose would be, throughout all the eons of eternity, to praise and glorify the Son, and to serve Him perfectly. Angels alone would not suffice in this regard, as there are characteristics of the Son for which angels cannot properly praise Him since they have never experienced redemption. But a redeemed humanity, as the direct recipients of His unmerited favor, would stand forever as an eternal testament to the infinite greatness of His mercy and grace.

John MacArthur

When Dr. MacArthur uses the word unmerited, he uses unmerited-proper. In other words not merited by one's wise, righteous, spiritual freewill decision to have faith. Salvation is of the Lord.

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