Thursday, March 13, 2008

Coming to Christ

"For the sinner to come to Christ that he might have life, is for him to realize the awful danger of his situation; is for him to see that the sword of Divine justice is suspended over his head; is to awaken to the fact that there is but a step betwixt him and death, and that after death is the "judgment; " and in consequence of this discovery, is for him to be in real earnest to escape, and in such earnestness that he shall flee from the wrath to come, cry unto God for mercy, and agonize to enter in at the "strait gate."
To come to Christ for life, is for the sinner to feel and acknowledge that he is utterly destitute of any claim upon God’s favor; is to see himself as "without strength," lost and undone; is to admit that he is deserving of nothing but eternal death, thus taking side with God against himself; it is for him to cast himself into the dust before God, and humbly sue for Divine mercy.
To come to Christ for life, is for the sinner to abandon his own righteousness and be ready to be made the righteousness of God in Christ; it is to disown his own wisdom and be guided by His; it is to repudiate his own will and be ruled by His; it is to unreservedly receive the Lord Jesus as his Saviour and Lord, as his All in all.
Such, in part and in brief, is what is implied and involved in 'Coming to Christ' "

A.W. Pink
The Sovereignty of God

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Julie Hammond said...

Gald you decided to start your blog with a quote that is cheery, welcoming, and uplifting. Some people start theirs off with a heavy piece of lierature that takes you at least 10 readings to grasp and understand its meaning. Thanks for not being one of THOSE people. Serioulsy though, I can't wait to see how your blog developes. I know it will be great!